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Great CoMPANY Culture doesn't just happen  



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Your company probably has culture challenges. It's okay to admit it. At Juicy Strategy we aren't into the blame game. Bosses are people, employees are people. Just because you inherited a broken system doesn't mean you have to leave it that way.

You are accountable to your people - for your culture.

But if the endless spiral of initiatives breaking your budget, boring your people, and killing performance, you are not alone. Choosing the right new ingredients and tweaks to your "way things get done" is the first step. 

Once you decide on an approach or solution, communication is the key to making it work. Without a good communication plan and execution, even the most genius solution will fail. 

Investing in communications means you're investing in a better functioning business. You'll find lots of great value in our content and programs, but if you are ready to work privately, here's more on our services.

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Nervous about making that big investment? Even with "soft" culture initiatives you can find a way to measure impact. Let my experience and vendor research save you time, money, and reveal possible blindspots before it's too late.

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WHY JUICY? Because we are human centered. People should feel good at work.

WHY STRATEGY? Because your business needs solutions that integrate performance.