Juicy Strategy
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Great company cultures don't just happen.

Before you get mired down in the business of fixing culture, take a minute.

Before you proceed with that Saas integration or Survey - heck, take a day.

First, imagine your future. Imagine the future of work at your company. 

Will your employees

  • Come to WORK every day ENGAGED with their PURPOSE?
  • Know their CURIOSITY and CREATIVITY is a valued asset?
  • EXECUTE and INNOVATE with pride and enthusiasm?
  • Feel CONNECTED to the company and its ongoing SUCCESS?

Connect your employee to the WHY of your new tools, process, and environments with an end-to-end communication plan.

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What does a good culture look like for YOUR business?

Benchmarks and norms help, but they don't heal. Each year or two brings a new initiative. Some new tool or philosophy that doesn't work. 

The endless spiral of initiatives is breaking your budget, boring your people, and killing performance. Now you need a QUICK FIX, and some QUICK WINS.

Maybe you got a little willy nilly. Analysis Paralysis. Choice Failure. Action Plan Anemia. Adoption Resistance. Happens all the time.


That's why we created HUMAN STYLE - a results driven celebration of people and process. Culture, much like nature, repairs itself under the right circumstances.

We believe you CAN develop efficiency with compassion. You CAN drive results in a creative environment. You MUST build communications into your business to the degree it is built into the rest of our lives. 

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Choosing the right new ingredients and tweaks to your "way things get done" (#culture) is the first step. You probably didn't make a bad choice. I'd bet your solution didn't fail.

Your communications, marketing, on-boarding - there's a good chance THAT was your weak link. 

So DO BETTER this time.

Don't look back and WONDER, "What went wrong?"

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