Ramit with Ambra at Selena Soo's GKGC in 2016 

Ramit with Ambra at Selena Soo's GKGC in 2016 

Ambra: Hey Ramit! Remember me? 

Ramit: Totally. You are that weirdo I met 2 years ago. I never meet weirdos.

Ambra: I've been following you for a long time. Not in a creepy way. I mean, umm... I read all your emails.

Ramit: I love hearing that! Are you a student?

Ambra: Since 2013. Now I want to write for you.

Ramit: Cool. Why?

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I am a California girl with family in 5 countries. 



Living a RICH LIFE means 

having the flexibility to travel while still doing great work with great companies.


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My friends didn't recognize me.

I had just taken a huge loss in life and was at a professional crossroads. I was a designer who wanted to go into the corporate world.

(Ambra...in corporate? Houston, we have a problem.)

But I had my reasons. And I could not afford to start all over so whatever I did needed to be strategic.

That’s when I found Ramit. 

But first I needed to pay the rent. That's how I ended up answering phones at a law firm. 

Lesson 1: Suck it up. Sometimes you just have to tear through the weeds of tedious work and commuting. (NY snow for this LA girl was a challenge.)

Lesson 2: Look for the job inside the job. 

In between phone calls I opened accounts for new clients and I quickly realized no one was looking after sales.  So in my "spare time" I assembled all the data for the last 3 years. 

Lesson 3: Making an impact at work has nothing to do with your title.

I put together reports from different angles, so we could see trends in where the business was coming from and what types of contracts were moving. 

You know you are a weirdo when this is what you do after hours and you are not even being paid!

Meanwhile I used Ramit’s free Dream Job content to craft my resume. And it worked. 

I got my strategically chosen Dream Job and kicked ass.

Lesson 4:  A job that no one else wants might be YOUR Dream Job.

Within 18 months I earned an international promotion in my field, and in another year a total of 30K pay raise using the Briefcase Technique. 

Sure, I earned it. But having Ramit as my job search BFF made all the difference.

- Ambra

PS. I learned these tricks with my CEO boss after getting my Dream Job in 2013. 12 Ways to Turn a TOUGH BOSS into Your #1 Fan

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Those of us thinking about the Future of Work know one thing: There will be jobs for creatives. 

Why? Because creatives are trained to deal with uncertainty. To be bold. To start over. To rebuild their vision over and over again. 

But uncertainty is hard in a business environment. It makes people very uncomfortable. The need for ROI trumps everything.

For creative types, ideas like ROI can be hard to swallow. Not for me.

A painting at a museum impacts thousands of people. But I can’t interview their soul. I can’t know what that impact is.

Measuring engagement, that’s what I love. 

It's how I discovered a gap in the consulting market. 

A simple blindspot.

Most organizations are looking at their employees like children instead of like customers. So they invest time and resources on short term “feel good” solutions that barely make a dent in their culture.

Why are the initiatives failing?  Because the well intended investments look like a giant HR cost center.  No one seems to realize that employee engagement is all about sales. 

ambra 90%.png

What started out as a disadvantage in my new career became my secret sauce.

I developed communications with a huge focus on treating employees like customers because I saw this connection:

An online business acquires customers who OPT IN. Employers assume that they have a captive audience, but the well documented truth about engagement is that most people show up to work having already OPTED OUT

I turned corporate communications into a copywriting job and got these amazing results, impressing giant consulting firms and vendors like Towers Watson and Deloitte.


What does success look like? Here are some CRUNCHY NUMBERS

1. Engagement Surveys are the gold standard for companies who want to show they care. But first, they have to get people to TAKE the survey. That was my job.

• analyzed the previous results to reverse engineer a communication plan

• integrated simple gaming and inclusion tactics over 6 weeks

• raised the rate of participation from 65% to 90% (global industry average is 80%)


2. I branded, deployed, and promoted a new Saas social platform. In a low trust, lean environment, selling the benefit is crucial and ongoing. Good copy made it happen. 

• achieved 70% rate of salaried adoption (way above benchmark),

• composed success stories for continued engagement between 20-40% (still high)

• made myself famous by dressing in a cow costume during the launch 


3. I designed a recognition program that generated global PR for the subsidiary as an innovator in company culture. It felt risky but I sold it - and people loved it. 

• saved over $200K that had been viewed as an inevitable expense

moved the needle from 3% of the 3,000 employees recognized annually, to at least 20%

• made it easy for the executives to says yes to giving away an unprecedented $30K in prizes


PS. The 90% engagement rate is one of my proudest results for a content and delivery plan. But what about the data?  Is your engagement survey telling the truth?



If that means she is doing something different than all her entrepreneur friends then the answer is YES. Because I focus on companies - and people who have jobs.

(Even when those same friends have jobs, they like to keep it a secret.) 

Now who's the weirdo?

Writing is one of my skills, but social engineering is what makes me love doing it. 

Hiring Tip: Value Stack your hires. Get people on your team who will be useful in your business development. (hint, hint)

PS. Click here to read more about Value Stacking your KPIs.

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1. Improve your email open rate with the “value stacking” technique

2. Organize customer research so you can actually use it

3. Ready for a team? Distinguish between a good hiring risk and a bad one

4. Content planning systems that crush writer’s block

5. Host a live event that doesn’t flop


Wonder what it's like to work with me? 

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 My daughter in a bidet. If she can, YOU CAN!

My daughter in a bidet. If she can, YOU CAN!

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