Company Benefits in the Future of Work

Depending on your work ethic and the culture you belong to, working from home can be a liberating and productive, or the kind of thing that garners eye roll. As in, “He’s “working from home” today.” 

But working from home doesn't always mean you get more work done. (Or less.) It means you give your people the ability to make choices about how they run their life. You contribute to a sense of trust and autonomy the its essential for maintaining drive. That’s a very real benefit for people whose jobs can be done remotely. Meanwhile you save on overhead and cast a wider talent net. Everybody wins.

But what if your employees can't work remotely? There a lot of jobs that cannot be done at home. How do we bring all of our people along with our new enlightened vision of work? 

If an employee can't reap the benefits of working from home then it can feel like a privilege they are missing out on. Instead of going all or nothing because “it’s not fair for everyone,” get creative with your benefits. 

What does EVERYONE need? What about companies offering laundry services? Or meal services? EVERYONE needs clean clothes. EVERYONE needs to eat. 

These are the exact kinds of simple things a work from home job affords you - flexibility and cost savings that contribute to quality of life. 

No matter what the Future of Work looks like, finding ways to add to employee’s quality of life in universal ways will never go out of style.

What do YOU love/hate about working from home?

What kind of benefits are universal for people who can't?

Ambra Sultzbaugh