Does Your Job Turn You On?

I'll bet you spend more time at work than with your romantic partner, so I'd give this some thought -- if I were you 😉

It's funny, how we have crazy high expectations of romance - fueled by things like Valentine's Day and the diamond industry. 

But with work - where we spend most of our time - we tend to have crazy low expectations.

Have YOU accepted the story that work was not meant to fulfill you?

When was the last time your job turned you on? 

What if I told you, you can have that - possibly in your current job - if you play your cards right. You really might not be better off looking for another job, and just invest well where you are. 

No one expects you to stay at a job for 20 years anymore, but that doesn't mean you have to be a player. You won't get a chance to grow if you expect but don't invest.

A great fit is made, not born. Whatever your zones of genius are, double down on those before jumping to the next job. Starting over is exciting, but sometimes it's just an illusion of growth.

Meanwhile, six or twelve more months won't feel so long if you are getting results.

But how do you reap the rewards of "sticking it out"?

  1. Focus on the things that make sense. Do you know our industry, company, or product really well? Maybe it's relationships or your expertise. Become known for that. It's part of the legacy you will take with you.
  2. Reevaluate your contribution. Are you meeting expectations? If you come to work knowing that you are not performing, the guilt might be enough to push you out the door. Top performers check themselves all the time.
  3. Pick something you want to learn. Your company might not see cross training as a good use of their budget, but that doesn't mean that you can't satisfy your own needs. Want to know more about building a P&L or see how Nielsen works? Take initiative.

If you want career growth, you DON'T have to move slow, but you DO have to be more strategic than impulsive. 

No matter how you feel about your job today, what's one thing you can double down on and get closer to loving it?

Ambra Sultzbaugh