You're already awesome. But how much of it are you sharing, doing, being? Does your resume and online presence reflect who you are? What would your colleagues say about you? Do you cringe just thinking about work - and more importantly, WHY?

There's more opportunity out there than you think, and when you start your job search with what past job descriptions say about you, you'll often be missing a big part of your story.

Career planning is a story that's not just about where you are going. It starts where you already are, wherever that is.

That's why I'm so excited to now offer Juicier You - the Career Path Mastermind!

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Are you feeling like you have to choose between working in a "normal job" or being an entrepreneur, and that choice will define you or destroy you somehow? It's just not so!

I specialize in working with people in career transitions, unsure of how to step into the work world seamlessly to and from a life of entrepreneurship. 

Those "multiple streams of income" you read about? They are not all glorious passive income! For many people having a job is part of that.

The world cannot operate on entrepreneurs alone. Even if we revolutionize everything we know about the work world today, we'll need all kinds of amazing people supporting amazing companies. You can be awesome at a job. It pains me that the word "job" has been linked to words like "soul crushing." 

Juicy Strategy corporate work is part of that larger mission. But this Career Path Mastermind... It's just for you. You don't have to be a CEO to do amazing work. To leave a mark. To live your purpose. (Unless you do ;)

There's no ONE box! We navigate multiple boxes and create new ones.

If you are multi-talented person who is torn between what you have done, could do, think is available to you, THIS is for YOU.

If you have a past that looks different than how you imagine your future, but it's all a little fuzzy, THIS IS FOR YOU.

The real juice of building your career is telling your story BEFORE it happens. How freaking empowering is that !?

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What keeps me EXCITED ABOUT the work world?


The fact that I want to change the world, not escape from it.

Whatever your reason for having a job, know that it NEVER HAS TO BE "JUST A PAYCHECK." There are ways to build your personal brand, your life mission, and your daily purpose into your work life.

Is this for entrepreneurS ? 

Maybe. Are you killing it in your business and no thoughts of ever “going back?” Then, no, this isn’t for you. BUT if you are in transition with your brand and your finances and thinking a job is the way to go… 

I will show you how you can move forward with BOTH. Think of it this way...


A person who believes that escaping is the answer (but is too focused on what they are escaping to know where they are going.)

A person who uses the energy of flight to craft a purposeful personal strategy and build something new.

The escape artist knows long term success is built by integrating many possibilities.

The escapist jumps with no parachute, plan, or provisions.

This Career Mastermind will help you get in touch with your inner ESCAPE ARTIST. 

Resumes can feel oppressive and really challenge that soulful part of you that wants to make the world a better place and get paid for it.

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You'll end up with a fresh perspective on your options and opportunities, a strategic plan for job searching, career growth, and optimizing your talents (or finally employing ones you didn't think you could get paid for!)

You'll be supported in communicating your value through a kick ass effective resume.

You'll see how it connects to your personal brand, online presence, and your confidence in pursuing the work of your dreams.

You'll get:

** 2x personal 1:1 calls

  1. 30 minutes (to be scheduled June 1-4) brainstorm to improve your current resume so it matches not just where you’ve been, but where you want to go.
  2. 30 minutes (to be scheduled June 14-15) review of your updated resume (and any other profiles/websites you’ve worked on -  because this is as much about personal branding as it is about your next job.)

**4 different themed 60 minute video calls guiding you through the process of crafting your best resume and finding hidden opportunities for your career.

If you can’t make the scheduled call no worries! REPLAYS will be available.

  1. Monday June 4 (5pm EST)
  2. Wednesday June 6 (5pm EST)
  3. Monday June 11 (5pm EST)
  4. Wednesday June 13 (5pm EST)

**BONUS: A copy of my Resume Renegade Workbook that you can use anytime in the future.

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“Not all glass ceilings are created equal. I think some of them are comfortable and accepted, even by women, and some of them are illusions that can be outperformed. Of course, it's not a fair game, but it doesn't make winning impossible. ... Breaking down walls is the most efficient way to collapse ceilings!"

If you feeling like you have to choose between working in a "normal job" or being an entrepreneur, and that choice will define you or destroy you somehow, let's be clear. Getting a job DOES NOT MEAN YOU GAVE UP.

Making your own way means whatever YOU want it to mean. Integrating your multiple abilities and passions strategically is what will make the difference. Thinking 2 or 3 steps ahead of where you are now, that’s what makes the difference in your career. (And the impact you make on the world.)

Juicier You will help you get creative in your career, your personal brand and anywhere you dare! 

That’s why this Career Mastermind is called Juicier YOU!

I show you how YOU are running the show here, and that’s what makes this career mastermind so Juicy :)

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Resume editing if done right is the cornerstone of your personal brand...if you work with anyone but yourself.

Because a good resume can...

***change your view of yourself and give you confidence in your next steps

***change the story you tell the world and the impact you are here to make

***change your ability to show up in THAT story

Still not sure what to do, but unhappy with your job?

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Whatever drives your career, make sure the main ingredient is YOU!

xo Ambra

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